Friday, October 5, 2007

"Cousins" Scrapbook

From left: Kurt H., Katie H., Richard H., Kevin H., Paul H., Nikki A., Dani A., Greg M., Erin M., Cindy M., Cara M., Colleen M., and Christy M.

It's been years since the whole "Harvey-McLogan" clan has been in one location at the same time. However, this past August, we've come as close as we're likely to get, now that all the cousins are grown and working jobs that have led us from New York to Florida to Australia and beyond (our world travel, Brian Harvey). This rare image captures the essence of family at its best! Brian M. and Brian H., you were certainly with us in our thoughts and there WAS even talk of "photoshopping" you in to the picture, but I haven't quite mastered that process yet...

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